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[Ben Fowler of] Fowler and Associates was able to offer economical advice that also added special touches to our home. Ben took all the stress from construction away from us. All the subcontractors and material suppliers raved about his promptness and efficiency.

If I were to build another home, I would wait, for Fowler and Associates Home Builders, Inc. to become available to construct my home. I would not even interview any other builders.

Marie Young

When Edith and I moved to Asheville in March, 2007, we looked all over the area for a home we would be comfortable in and could enjoy for many years. Too many of the homes we saw in the price range (around $500,000) were poorly-constructed and lacked the simple amenities you would think that price range would offer. We were just about resigned to the fact that we were going to rent, buy some property and build our home. Until we saw the home you built in Ashley Woods.

The craftsmanship was excellent. Nice touches like the beautiful tile in the kitchen and master shower excited us. The use of crown molding throughout the house was another nice touch. The kitchen has worked out very well for us as it flows right into the rest of the house. We had nearly 50 people here for a Christmas party last year, and no one was crowded. Every person who toured the house was very impressed.

The custom windows in the master bedroom and upstairs main guest room are special. We even like the horizontal window in the master which lets the west light in during the spring and summer.

Any small problems that have come up have quickly and easily been handled by your contractors. Believe me; should we decide one day to build our dream home, we will be calling.

Marty Nicholson & Edith Garrett

My wife and I moved to Asheville in 2002 not knowing anyone in the Asheville area.
Our plan was to take advantage of the natural beauty of our surroundings in part by building a home where we could enjoy being part of our new community. Having moved to a new area, our first challenge was to find a home builder that we could trust and feel comfortable with. After months of research and interviews, we were fortunate to stumble upon Ben and Sharen Fowler (Fowler & Associates Home Builders, Inc.). This was the first home that we designed and built, and needless to say, we were first very apprehensive about the process (having heard many horrid stories from others who have built homes). This was not our experience with the Fowler’s; in fact it was a very good experience.

The one thing that we were most impressed with was the personal attention that was given to us in the initial planning of our home and throughout the construction process. Ben Fowler made himself available pretty much anytime we needed him by phone or on the job site. Not only was he directly involved in the day-to-day construction, he would also help us understand the process and offer suggestions whenever we encountered any issues. Ben is extremely organized and goes the extra mile by thinking way ahead by planning out who needs to be where and when. My wife and I felt as if Ben and Sharen were just as vested in the project as we were. Needless to say, we are very happy with the building phase of our home and the home itself. We have lived in our home for almost 5 years and absolutely love it and if we bad to build another home today we would have Ben and Sharen build it.

The one thing I would recommend to anyone building a new home is to go beyond looking at references that speak to quality of construction and building process but to look at how your builder is involved after the certificate of occupancy, bills are paid and you are living in your home. It is inevitable that in the early months of moving into your home, there may be a few items that need some additional attention or even a year or two later when something happens that may require a contractor to make good on a warranty claim. I can tell you from first hand experience that Ben and Sharen will follow-up with any outstanding issues after the home is built. In our experience, they even resolved some issues that developed well after the typical 1 year homeowners warranty without additional cost to us. The true test of a company’s integrity is what happens after the sale and do they really deliver when you need them. I can truly recommend Fowler & Associates not only to build a quality home but to be there for you well after you have moved in

John Mikos

It is my pleasure to recommend Fowler and Associates.

I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of builders as an HVAC contractor. I appreciate a builder with concerns on air Infiltration, and energy needs. Fowler and Associates addressed these issues with up most concern.

We also enjoy associating with a contractor that insists upon the highest standards available.

We appreciate the professional manner they exhibit during every facet of construction. I look forward to many years of association with Fowler and Associates, and appreciate the timely manner in which they handle finances.

David B. Crawford President, Crawford Climate Control, Inc. Arden, NC

We would like to thank you for building our home in Weaverville, N.C. You would probably classify us as “educated” clients, in that we have built several homes in our lifetime! Having said that, we have many areas in which to critique and compare. Our experience with Fowler & Associates far exceeded our expectations and caused us the least amount of stress of any previous building experience!

Our satisfaction is due to many attributes of how you manage your business and your suppliers.
It began with your defined process and timeline. You set clear expectations and kept current WRITTEN logs of every detail. In addition, your suppliers and sub contractors were the best-of-the-best. In situations where we felt the bid was too high, you were quick to provide second and, in some cases, third bids.

There are many examples of your attention to detail, but one in particular is when you realized the constant force of the wind from being on site everyday. You immediately involved an engineer who recommended specific areas of reinforcement. We thank you for your diligence and foresight every time the wind kicks up!

It is obvious that your work is unsurpassed in quality and finish. Another important attribute is the honest, friendly manner in which you conduct business – with both clients and suppliers. We never met with a supplier or contractor that didn’t state this fact about both of you. And we found it to be true!

Thank you for fostering a wonderful building experience and for our beautiful home that reflects your talents and integrity throughout!

Jerry and Colleen Austin

Being the super, particular person that I am made it hard to trust just any builder. Fowler and Associates was recommended to me by a friend who had used Ben to build a house for her. Once I met with Ben and Sharen…. they had my confidence and we began to plan and build. We made it through the ‘ups and downs’ of building a house and in the end…. I LOVE MY HOME!!! The planning and guidance from them still has me satisfied…7 years later.

Melissa Shook

We knew that building a house wouldn’t be easy. We had heard bad stories that building a house was the hardest thing they had ever done and that it had broken up many marriages. We also heard stories about bad contractors, sloppy jobs and rip offs. So, we did our homework.

We interviewed four contractors before deciding on a bid. We read several books from the library about selecting a contractor. We went to the Asheville Home Show, and that’s where we met you. There were several things about you and your company that we felt was significant in our selection.

First of all, you are such a personable and down-to-earth sort of guy. You are easy to talk to and you explained things to us in plain English (dollars). We liked that you work with your wife, Sharen, and that you had pictures of your work to show us.

Secondly, you are organized. All of the other contractors we interviewed scribbled notes on yellow pads. You had forms to remind you of questions you wanted to ask. It was obvious to us that our actual costs would be closest to your bid, whether or not it was the lowest bid, because of your organization. There is always the risk of going over budget in a project this size. Minimizing that risk was important to us.

Finally, you demonstrated to us the ability to understand our priority of energy efficiency, in helping us make decisions about our home.

Now that we have built a home, we have stories to tell. It really was a great experience. We had a great contractor who kept us on track, on budget, and kept working, even if there was a set-back. Building a house was easier than we ever thought it would be.

We sincerely recommend Fowler & Associates Home Builders, Inc. to anyone in the market for a hard working, reputable, trustworthy contractor.

John & Kathey Lee, Looking Glass Farms

Building a house “long distance” is not easy – just takes good communications. Ben would make himself available in person or by phone whenever we asked.

Ben kept us advised when there were any details or decisions that needed review or change, and he and Sharen were always prepared for our visits. They helped us make the myriad of choices and decisions required.

When we came into Asheville, Ben and Sharon would have a schedule set up, including suppliers to visit and decisions to be made, and make those supplier visits with us.

Ben assured that the house was made of quality materials, constructed with quality procedures and kept the project on target cost wise. If we were about to build another home in the Asheville area, we would be pleased to have Ben and Sharen do it again.

David & Carol Sherck

Thanks for all the time and effort you invested in building our retirement home in Carriage Park. Mickie and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. As you know, we have moved far too often and built too many homes over the past 43 years, and we wanted this to be the final one — and we really wanted it done right (on a shoestring budget). We had some high expectations with our tight budget, and you didn’t disappoint us. In fact, of all the building contractors I’ve worked with in the past, none compares with you. During the building process I actually found someone who’s as picky as me about details — you two. You didn’t miss a thing. Your experience and attention to detail is far better than mine, and Mickie and I feel very blessed to have had you build our home. If I have a single regret, it’s that I didn’t listen to you when you suggested that I bring you along while I searched for a lot. We could have avoided so many headaches and additional expenses if I had known now what you knew (and could have warned me about): the lot I selected would be a bear to build on! Despite the complications we ran into — the steepness of the lot, narrow dimension, no utilities or road out front during the entire construction — you overcame every obstacle and built a beautiful home for us. And each time I drive home I pass houses that are still under construction, even though they were started long before you began building ours. Please share this letter with any of your prospective clients, and also, please feel free to have anyone call me if you need a reference. I will gladly give you a glowing recommendation. Thanks again to both of you for everything, and I pray that God continues to bless you in your work.

Stephen M. Wike, Carriage Park Subdivision

I wanted to send you a note stating how much we have enjoyed our new shower. The tiled shower looks as if it was designed when the house was built.

FYI- The shower does pass the challenge, “Parade of Home Winner” that Donna and I wanted for our home.
Again, thank you for your attention to details and customer satisfaction.

Allen & Donna Johnson