GOLD WINNER $400,000 – $499,900

Ben Fowler

Fowler & Associates Home Builders, Inc.

Ben Fowler, owner of Fowler & Associates Home Builders, Inc. in Arden, believes in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. “We simply specialize in our customers.” His creed says volumes about the company he founded. “We believe in working with our clients to achieve their objec­tives. Our commitment is to build -the most home for the lowest price possible, including personalized touches and optional upgrades.” To Fowler, that means making the cli­ents feel like family and never skimping on quality. Striving for excellence in everything he does requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Fowler &..Associates stays booked year-round, building between three and five homes per year, depending on each home’s complexity. Ben has found that it is essential to have a good client-builder relationship. Personalities must blend and com­munication skills are most important in the building process. Just as a potential customer will interview a builder/con­tractor, Fowler & Associates also feels the need to hold certain interviews with the homeowners to get a feel for what their needs are. “We build what the customers want us to build and will tailor the package to meet their needs and their budget. We strive to give them what they want, with the best quality possible and on budget.”

For Ben Fowler, building a home is more than a job; it is an investment in another person’s life and happiness. “We thoroughly enjoy the process of building a home,” he said. “We want the homeowners to share in that excitement and to enjoy the process, too.” Ben Fowler leads his homeowners step-by-step through the building process, making sure they are comfortable and well-prepared long before the first foot­ing has been dug.

It is his focus on organization and pre-planning that enables him to build custom homes without the custom home price tag that is often associated with such high levels of quality. “A home can be many different things to many different people,” Fowler said. “That is why we let our clients tell us what they want and we listen.” The end result is a beautiful home that the homeowner can enjoy for years to come.

Fowler & Associates Home Builders

18 Spring Hill Drive Arden, NC 28704 (828) 687-0107