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Whatever category you put us in, whether it’s Asheville home builders, general contractors, construction workers, residential contractors, or anything else, we break out of those molds. Wouldn’t you like to be sitting on this back porch?

Asheville, NC

We’re not just Asheville home builders, we’re Weaverville home builders, Black Mountain home builders and Hendersonville home builders too. We’ve been in the mountains of Western North Carolina for over 50 combined years between the owners, Ben and Sharon Fowler. Each home that is built in the Blueridge Mountains can have it’s challenges. Sometimes you’re very restrained by the lot and acreage. This can cause a difficulties on the budget and the timeline. We overcome this in many ways, but one way is by using local, trusted partners. By using other local businesses, we can rest-assured knowing that they have the same integrity as we do; and we’ll pass that value to you. We’re also members of the Asheville Home Builders Association so be sure to check us out there as well.

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No one knows these mountains like a local. One of our additional services is landscaping management and design; to be able to offer that to our Clients, one must have a good grasp of the types of shrubbery, trees, and flowers of the area. In much the same way as landscaping, a custom home builder in Asheville, NC must understand the people, the environment, and what people value here in this area. The cornerstone of Fowler & Associates Home Builders, Inc. is to first and foremost, understand the client, their environment, and their budget. We take huge steps to make that happen, and the proof is in the results.



There’s a huge difference between custom Asheville home builders and general contractors. That’s not to say that general contractors are not excellent craftsmen, because they are. But we’re in the business of making people’s dreams come true with an entirely customized home, built to the very specifics of the owner and the owner’s family. General contractors, on the other hand, are essentially project managers with an agenda to push out a lot of homes (or commercial spaces) in a given amount of time. They’re focused on “the job” rather the experience. If you are the type of person that is ready to make a commit to your home, and yourself, contact us today.